Student Services
Department Staff

R. Tassone-Avella (Department Head)
K. Taylor (Guidance)
L. Chadwick (Student Success)
J. Whyte (Achievement Centre)
T. Sloan (Guidance)
H. Carroll (GLC20)
D. Leahey (GLC20I, Coop)
 S. Byrne (Resource)
G. Andersson (Resource)
B. Curtis (Inclusion Teacher)
S. Walsh (ECL)
L. Hache (Co-op)
S. Kehoe (GLC20)
L. Hache (GLC20)

Courses Offered
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Grade 9  Grade 10  Grade 11  Grade 12 

GLC2O - Career Studies

GLC2OI - Carrières

2 period Co-Op*

2 period Co-Op*

* Applications for Grade 11/12 Co-Op are available in Room C104

Course Types 

C - College
D - Academic
E - Workplace
I - Immersion
L - Locally Developed
M - University/College
O - Open
P - Applied
U - University