Immaculata teens going for a world record AND raising Funds for Cancer!

posted Aug 26, 2015, 9:32 AM by Donald Nault
These four Immaculata students have been working for quite some time on this, gaining sponsors, working on a schedule of volunteer adults who have to sit and verify they are playing the game and all the technology involved in setting up a stream of this size. They're giving up work, sleep and time with girlfriends this week to sit in a basement and raise valuable funds.  Below are links to their livestream and donation page. 

Livestream to watch:
World Record in Progress + 96 hour stream for charity TOTW hanzel giveaway @ 325 followers
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Cancer page to donate:
Ontario Fundraisers: White North Gaming Marathon Livestream - Canadian Cancer Society - Become...
White North Gaming Marathon Livestream Our stream team called "White North Gaming" consists of five 16 year old boys; Brady McWaters, Justin Jarmoc, Joel Dibartolo Caleb Dyks and Kyle Fleming.
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They are also currently the #10 top fundraiser on the cancer society webpage as noted here! They are anxious to move up the ranks.

Ontario Fundraisers - Canadian Cancer Society - Become a...
Hold Your Own Fundraiser What do YOU love to do? What if you could turn that into a meaningful fundraiser?