Letter to Parents

posted Sep 3, 2020, 5:24 PM by Andrea Morrison

Dear Immaculata Families, September 3, 2020

The staff at Immaculata are looking forward to welcoming your son/daughter to their first day of school.  Please read the following information for the reopening of the school.

Start Dates:

Grade 7: Tuesday, September 8 attend every day

Grade 8: Wednesday, September 9 attend every day

Grades 9 to 12 (Cohort A): Monday, September 14 attend every 2nd day

Grades 9 to 12 (Cohort B): Tuesday, September 15 attend every 2nd day


High School Cohorts:

Cohort A:  Students with Last Names A - K

Cohort B:  Students with Last Names L - Z

There is no switching between cohorts.  

The cohorts were created to ensure the health and safety of all students.

The only exceptions will be made for family members living in the same household that have different last names.

Students in High School are attending every second day and are expected to work online on the days that they are not in school.


Transportation from OSTA:

The Ottawa Transportation Authority (OSTA) has announced the yellow school bus service will begin on September 14. For more information, visit return to school transportation information (OSTA website).


Please visit Top Marks for information -- they will be providing more online help for sizing and will provide free shipping and labels for returns. 

Students must wear a uniform at Immaculata High School.

Presto Passes:

Distribution of Presto Passes occurred September 1st & 2nd.  Remaining students who are eligible for Presto Passes will receive them on the first day of school.


All students are encouraged to bring their own device to school.  This will ensure that there is no sharing of materials. Staples has had a partnership with the Ottawa Catholic School Board.  https://www.staples.ca/a/content/byod-ottawa. Parents are encouraged to shop anywhere they can find a fair price.  We recommend 4GB.  

Pick Up & Drop Off Procedures: 

There will only be unidirectional driving in the parking lot.  Please see the map below.

Grade 7&8 Walkers and Students being driven will be dismissed from class 5 minutes before the end of the day to prevent congestion.

High School students will be dismissed 10-15 minutes before the end of the day.

Entrances to the School:

Please view the different entrances for different grades

First Day procedures: 

Grade 7s:  Report to the field and look for your homeroom teacher

Grade 8s:  Report to the field and look for your homeroom teacher

High School:  Report directly to your Period 1 class

Schedules: (all students)

Students & Parents can access the Parent Portal for their schedules but there have been some technical issues.

Students can also access  mystudentinfo.ca for the same information.

Students use their school login to login to access their schedule (Homeroom / Period 1)

Changes in Schedules:

Please note that there are no changes from virtual to in class at this time.

Students can only switch after the completion of a semester or a reporting period.

Movement within the School:

There will be unidirectional arrows in the stairwells that must be followed.

Maximum occupancy signs will be posted on rooms such as bathrooms.

Students will be traced in all areas of the school.


No lockers will be available until further notice.

Physical Education:

7&8:  Students will not have access to changerooms.  

Students are encouraged to wear shorts and an undershirt under their uniform for physical activity.

HS:  Students will have access to change rooms.

Breakfast Club:

The Breakfast Club will be located on the first floor to ensure social distancing.

Breakfast Club will be Grab and Go Only.

Daily Screenings:  (need screening information)

Parents are asked to screen their son/daughter every morning for signs of illness.

Any student exhibiting signs of illness is to remain home.

Any student exhibiting signs of illness at school will be sent to an isolation room for immediate pick-up from a parent/guardian.

Please see the following link for more information.  Covid Protocol

Students at School:

No students are to enter the school before 8am.

Students are not allowed to be in the school if they are not in class or in their designated lunch area.

Students must leave the school once they have finished their class.

Students on spare or taking e-learning are not allowed to be in the school during that time.

Lunch Time:

7&8:  Students will have designated seating at lunch time and there will not be any mixing of cohorts inside or outside of the school.

HS:   Students will have designated areas of the school to eat their lunch.  Students are able to leave school property at lunch and are encouraged to stay within their cohorts.

Grade 9:  Lunch in the Small Gym

Grade 10: Lunch in the Learning Commons

Grade 11: Lunch in the Lower Cafeteria

Grade 12: Lunch in the Upper Cafeteria

Cafeteria:  The cafeteria is not open at this time.  Students must bring their own lunch.


There are no visitors permitted inside the school without the direct permission from administration.  There are no food deliveries allowed at the school.

Sports & Clubs:

There are no sports or clubs until further notice.  Only virtual activities will be permitted in order to prevent mixing of cohorts.

Hygiene, Social-Emotional Learning & Mental Health:

Students will be given instructions on proper hygiene and they will participate in social-emotional learning & mental health activities.


Masks are mandatory and must be worn.

Students can remove their masks when eating provided they have the proper social distancing as directed by their teacher.

Masks may be removed when outside provided proper social distancing.


There will be weekly emails sent to parents for updates.  Please ensure that the school has the proper email addresses to ensure that important information is received.

We are looking forward to seeing your sons/daughters in person or on-line in the near future.