Letter to Parents -- May 15, 2020

posted May 17, 2020, 2:29 PM by Wanda Symes

Dear Immaculata Families, May 15, 2020

We are all glad to see nice weather ahead and hope that our Immaculata families get to spend some time outside in the sun while maintaining social distancing.  Schools remain closed and Ottawa Public Health is working with the school board on a plan to have students access their personal belongings.  

Please access this information site that will give you Updates, Learning & Well-Being Resources as well as a FAQ Section.  Please visit http://imh.ocsb.ca/ for information and email Immaculata.High@ocsb.ca if you need to contact the school.   

With social distancing, there is an increased need for community help.  Here are some community services by CHEO, Youth Ottawa and an Ottawa Mental Health Resource Guide.

Student registrations and summer school registrations can be accessed online through the school website on the left hand side. There has not been any clear indication on what summer school courses will be available.  Please pass this information to any family who is seeking to register at the school.

Grade 7&8 students continue to work on their weekly work plans that are sent every Monday morning.  High School students continue to work towards their credits and the work that they submit will improve their marks.  The teachers are always available to support your son/daughter in their education.

Grade 12 students have submitted their applications for valedictorian and students are still in the process of applying for scholarships.  We are presently looking at offering a virtual Grad Retreat for our graduating students.  Grad fees have been reimbursed to student families and students are encouraged to review the Grade 12 Website for updated information.

We will be holding another Virtual School Council meeting on Wednesday May 27th and we would like to thank the Parent Council for their commitment to the school.

We would like to wish all our Immaculata families a great long weekend.

God Bless,