Letter to Parents -- May 29, 2020

posted May 31, 2020, 2:41 PM by Wanda Symes

Dear Immaculata Families, May 29, 2020

I hope that our Immaculata families are enjoying the nice weather.  The grade 7&8 students continue to work on their weekly work plans that are sent every Monday morning.  High School students continue to work towards their credits to improve their marks which will better prepare them for the following year.

Please access this information site that will give you Updates, Learning & Well-Being Resources as well as a FAQ Section.  Please visit http://imh.ocsb.ca/ for information and email Immaculata.High@ocsb.ca if you need to contact the school.  

Grade 12 students  are reminded to review the Grade 12 Website for updated information.  We are hoping that Grads will be home on June 5th as there will be special deliveries made on this day.

Student registrations and summer school registrations are open and can be accessed online through the school website on the left hand side. Please pass this information to any family who is seeking to register at the school.

The school and Ottawa Public Health have finalized a plan to have limited access to students to clean out their lockers, return items and retrieve their yearbook (if purchased).  The plan will ensure social distancing measures are in place as the safety of the students and staff are our main concern.  The protocol must be followed and any individual who does not meet the OPH/school guidelines will not be permitted to enter the school.  An administrator will ask every individual questions on this protocol and will deny access if responses are not adequate for safety reasons.  The first phase of school entry will consist of having a schedule (starting June 8th) based on Last Name -- Alphabetical Order.  This will be a very long process to ensure that safety guidelines are met.  

Students who access the building will be able to drop off their textbooks, sports uniforms, used school uniforms and musical instruments.  Electronic devices such as chromebooks and internet sticks are to be collected if the student is not remaining at the school for the following year or if they are no longer in need of the device for their studies.  Students are asked to remember their locker combination and the location of their locker.

I hope that all our Immaculata families are doing well.