OSSLT Message

posted Mar 29, 2016, 4:12 AM by Wanda Symes

Upcoming Literacy Test

Sleep, Nutrition and Physical Activity- three key elements to preforming well in school and on tests. Check out Dr. Greg Wells’ website for more information about proper physical hygiene prior to the OSSLT. http://drgregwells.com/perform-better/

Here are some final tips for the OSSLT

  • Write neatly! Use dark ink and write slowly.  If you have messy handwriting, try writing bigger or printing.

  • Answer the question! Read the question carefully, then “give them what they want”.  Stay on topic and avoid irrelevant content.

  • Attempt EVERY question! Don’t leave any blanks.  Try every question.

  • Proofread! Always, always, always re-read what you have written.  Correct any mistakes as you go.

  • Make sense! This is not the time to try out new words or get fancy.  Keep it simple.

  • Make rough notes! Brainstorm and then plan out your answer before you begin to write.  Don’t waste space on the answer sheet.  Organize your thoughts.


  • Use your highlighter! Don’t be afraid to write on the test.  Highlight key words and phrases.

  • Skim the reading sections for answers! None of the multiple choice questions can be answered from memory.  You must go back into the reading sections to find the answers for the questions


  • Look at the pictures! The pictures with the test help you to know what the main idea of a section is.

  • Remember the words, “for example…”! Use these words in every written answer.  Be specific.  Use examples.