OSSLT Weekly Message

posted Mar 21, 2016, 5:06 AM by Wanda Symes

Monday March 21, 2016

Upcoming Literacy Test

To all parents of Grade 10 students, and previously eligible Grade 11 and 12 students, the Ontario Secondary Schools Literacy Test (OSSLT) will be taking place this year on March 31, 2016. It is imperative that your child is present for this test, and if they will not be able to be present, that you inform your child’s respective Vice Principal as soon as possible.

This week’s literacy information focuses on writing an information paragraph, a short opinion piece, a news report and a series of paragraphs.

Writing an Information Paragraph

(an objective presentation of facts and information)

• Read the list of information given. Choose at least four points that you think go together. These will become the main idea of your information paragraph.

• In your topic sentence, clearly state your main idea.

• Include at least four supporting details from the list to develop the main idea in your topic sentence.

• Provide a concluding sentence for your paragraph. This sentence summarizes your main idea.

• Be sure your paragraph informs your reader about the topic you have chosen.

Writing a Short Opinion Piece

  • The short writing tasks are based only on your life experience. For example, “Name a person you admire and explain why you admire him or her. Use specific details to explain your choice.”

  • There are no correct or incorrect answers, but be specific when you explain your answer.

  • You will have six lines for your paragraph. Use all of the space.

Writing a News Report

(an objective and factual report about an event)

• Study the headline and picture to get ideas about an event that you will make up for your news report.

• Plan your news report. Think of some specific facts and information about the event that answer: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? Remember you have to make up the facts and information.

• Consider making up quotations from participants or bystanders for your news report.

• Write enough to ensure that your readers would feel formed about the event.

• Divide your news report into short paragraphs.

Writing a Series of Paragraphs

(expressing an opinion on a topic)

• Determine your opinion on the topic and consider your reasons for thinking this way.

• Use the Rough Notes space to form a plan.

• Introductory paragraph: clearly present your opinion; this is your main idea.

• Body paragraph(s): include supporting details (proof, facts, examples, etc.) that explain and give reasons for your opinion. A body paragraph requires several sentences.

• In the concluding paragraph, summarize your opinion.

• Write at least 3 paragraphs.

• Clearly show your paragraphs using indentations or an extra line between paragraphs.