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Grad Ticket Pick Up

Grade 12 students can pick up their Grad Tickets from Student Services at the following times and dates.  Each student can pick up up to 3 tickets. 

When picking up their tickets, students may let the guidance counsellor know then if they would like to request additional tickets.

The number of additional tickets requested will be added to a waiting list.

If available, distribution of additional tickets requested will begin on Friday, June 16.

Top Fundraising Badge 

Congratulations!  We are so excited to announce that Immaculata High School has placed on our “Top Fundraising Schools of 2022” list. To help celebrate your amazing achievement, we are providing you with a digital Top Fundraiser Badge!  We hope that you are as proud as we are and want to share the good news with everyone by posting this badge on your school website and social media channels. May it serve as a reminder of the unwavering commitment and passion your school has demonstrated in the fight against cancer. 

When Terry set out, 43 years ago, he could have never had imagined that his torch would have been carried by so many future generations.  We are so grateful to you for making sure that the flame stays lit and Terry’s passion to help those with cancer continues. We can’t thank you enough for your continued support and we look forward to working with you in 2023!

All the best,

Ontario School Team


Nishi Bansal

Manager, Ambassador Program


200-250 Ferrand Drive

Toronto, ON M3C 3G8

416-924-8252 ext 243

Register today.  School starts on Tuesday, September 6. 


Our online MACWEAR website is up and running. Visit this site:

Gadar will ship each order to your house or apartment (within Canada).

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